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Reward points are one of our ways to thank you for your support.

We regularly have offers available that result in reward points being awarded to you for doing simple things like leaving us feedback on work that has been carried out, or referring on someone you know to us. (For a full listing of these great offers, checkout our “Current Offers” section.)

Reward points usually are used to give you great discounts on any work you carry out with us, but sometimes we will run other promotions, giving you the option to use your unused reward points for something else, such as a free gift.

Basically, they work like this:

  1. You receive reward points for participating in one or more of our great offers.
  2. Hunter ICT keeps a record of all your reward points.
  3. Your reward points accumulate, that is, if you participate in more than one offer, and you still have unused reward points, the new ones get added to your existing ones. There are no limits to how many reward points you can earn or accumulate.
  4. The next time you need work done by Hunter ICT, your reward points are automatically used to discount all labour on that invoice.
  5. If there is no labour carried out on the next invoice, or if the labour is carried out for free, no reward points will be used, and they will be saved for the next lot of work you need done.

Each reward point equals a 1% discount on the labour, and up to 50 reward points can be used per invoice. Because most of our offers reward you with 10 points each and they are so easy to do, it is very easy to get all your work carried out for half price! If you have more than 50 points available, then your leftover points will just be stored safely away, ready to give you great savings on your next job.

If you have any further questions regarding your reward points, simply send us a message from the “Contact Us” section of our website.

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