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Not sure what the discount types mean? Need to know if your invoice is paid yet or not? The following is a brief explanation of some of the key parts of our invoices, to help make it as understandable as possible.

Aside from your details and our details at the top of the page, your invoice is broken up into 4 main parts:


If any labour was carried out, it will be shown on your invoice with the date it was carried out, the rate it was charged at (per unit), how many units were charged at that rate, a description of what was done, and if a discount was provided, a total of how much was discounted. Finally, it will show the total for that labour item.

In some cases, you may see that different labour items have different rates per unit, and different quantities of that unit. The key thing to remember here is that not all work is charged at the same rate. There are some jobs we carry out which we cap the cost for that job, while others are charged at a timed block rate.

If your labour item says that it is a “capped price” in the description, this means that while the job may have taken several hours to complete, it was not charged at a timed rate, but rather capped off at a specific cost. This means great savings for you, and allows you to know how much a job will cost.

In addition to this, you may notice that a discount has been applied to a labour item. If this is the case, a total of how much has already been discounted will be shown for that item. This will basically tell you how much you have already saved, and all that’s left is the total of the other parts of the work

The total is just the rate times the number of units. Any labour item discounts will not come off this total, as they have already been applied for you.

All rates and totals are before GST. (GST is applied at the end of the invoice)


Like labour, the parts section itemises any parts you have purchased. This shows the details of each part, along with the price.

In some cases a discount is provided on the part. If this is the case, you will also see the RRP, and how much has been discounted for that item.

Invoice Total

The invoice total is a summery of the total of any parts and labour, as well as any discounts you may have received.

There are two types of discounts that may be shown on your invoice:

  • Discounts applied to individual parts and labour items, which are shown with the item that is discounted; and
  • Reward Point discounts (see “Understanding Your Reward Points”), which are a % discount applied to the total labour on that invoice.

If discounts are applied to individual parts or labour items, it will show each item under either the parts or labour section of the invoice above. These discount amounts have already been applied to your invoice, in the form of free or discounted work, or free or discounted parts.

These are totalled up and displayed as a summery as “Total Discounts Already Applied”. Don’t forget, this is just a summery of what you have already received, and they don’t get used to calculate the final totals. It’s more just for your information.

The other type of discount you may have received is a “Reward Points” discount. The reward points are points you can earn by participating in one of our offers, such as referring on a friend, or providing feedback on work that has been carried out. Each reward point is a % off the total labour on the invoice.

So basically, the “Invoice Total” section will show:

  • The total of all the parts (less any discounts already applied)
  • The total of all the labour (less any discounts already applied)
  • How many reward points have been used (“Reward Discount %)
  • The total reward discount amount.
  • The total of parts and labour, minus the reward discount as your sub total
  • GST (Because all of the work is shown without tax, GST is applied to the subtotal)
  • The “Total Inc” (The total amount that your invoice comes to, including GST.)

Payment Details

The Payment details shows three main things:

  • How much is outstanding (if any)
  • How to pay
  • Record of your payment

its important to note that unpaid accounts may result in a monthly late payment fee of 10% per annum being applied to your account, and any serices or subscriptions we provide being suspended.

That’s your invoice in a nutshell. If you still have any questions, feel free to drop us a line from the “Contact Us” page of our website.

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