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The News That Caught Our Attention... 

Infected computers could be cut off from web  

COMPUTERS infected with viruses could be "expelled" from the internet under a new industry code to control Australia's plague of contaminated PCs.

The Federal Government has given the internet industry an operate-or-legislate ultimatum to identify "zombie" computers involved in cyber-crime, The Australian reports.

The Internet Industry Association - whose members include major internet service providers Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, AAPT, Virgin and Hutchison 3G, as well as industry giants Facebook, Google and Microsoft - is preparing a voluntary industry code to come into force this year...Read More


Don't rely on filters, be better parents

The Federal Government's planned internet filter has reignited the debate over how best to maintain civil liberties while simultaneously protecting children and other vulnerable members of the community from inappropriate and potentially harmful material.

Whether or not one reads more sinister or potentially controlling aims into the proposal depends upon your point of view. Just how interventionist governments should be to protect the vulnerable in our community is a very grey area. But when the proposal is framed in the context of protecting children or addressing terrorism most people will find it politically difficult to argue against the basic premise of the plan.... Read More


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