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When it comes to computers, there are always questions! To help answer a few of the questions we regularly get asked, we have created our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for you. Remember, if you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us.



Q. What does ICT stand for?

A. ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. Several years ago, the industry decided to upgrade the commonly known IT (Information Technology) acronym to also include communication technology. Like our industry acronym, Hunter ICT stays up to date on new computer related technology (regardless of its function) to help keep you up to date.



Computer Support and Repairs

Q. Do you fix computers?

A. YES! Our primary work is to provide support and repairs on computers. We work with most computer types, including:

• Office workstations
• Home PCs
• Laptops
• Servers
• Apple Macs

We also deal with computer associated products including:

• Networking Equipment
• Printer Equipment
• Security Equipment
• Backup Equipment
• VOIP Phone Equipment

We provide support for both home users, and businesses. We can come pickup your machine, or work on it onsite. Many of our customers prefer onsite work, as this means they do not need to unplug anything. (Or work out how to plug it all back in again afterwards!)

All of our work can be scheduled to fit in with your time, including after-hour support.  


Website and Domain Hosting

Q. What’s the difference between .au domains and other domains (such as .com and

A. The biggest difference between .au domains and many other domain types is that to purchase many of the .au domains, you must first prove that you are an Australian business or resident. For example, in the case of domains, you must provide a valid ABN or ACN to prove you are an Austalian business.

The other difference between these domains is that many .au domains require a minimum of 2 years purchase period. Many other domains only require a single year purchase. To help you compare the cost of .au domains with other types of domains, we have listed all of them as a yearly cost, which make them pretty much the same price, however because the minimum length we can purchase a .au domain for is also 2 years, you will need to purchase both years up front, if you wish to buy a .au domain.


Computer Supply and Product Purchases

Q. You don’t have the product I’m after on your website. Can I get it ordered specially?

A. YES! There are millions of different computer product types and models out there in the world, so we do not list them all on our website. In fact, we tend to only list a handful of the products that we regularly sell, or that we think you may like, and these are usually only the ones we are clearing at a special price. We have far more in our shop than what is listed on our website. If there is anything you are after, simply drop us an email, or leave a message on our “Contact Us” page. If you have some details on the product you are after, make sure you include them too, which will help us find the product for you.

In some cases, the manufacturers have discontinued a product or model type, and the suppliers do not stock it anymore either. If we are unable to find it for you, we may try to find an alternative for you, to help meet your needs.

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